Who Made More Money- Hina or Shilpa?

Biggest reality show on Indian TV, Bigg Boss is known for its contestants and their controversies. It is believed that the participants get a good amount of visibility along with handsome pay cheque. Recently Bigg Boss 11 ended after its journey of three and half months leaving behind Bigg Boss fans with withdrawal symptoms. Now the question in minds of viewers is,”who made more money”.  As we all know that Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan reached top 2 and Shilpa Shinde won the title with a cash prize of 44 lakhs, but what about first runner-up Hina Khan?

Even though Hina didn’t win the show, in reality, she earned more money than Shilpa Shinde.

According to the reports of SpotboyE Shilpa got Rs 1.29 crores in total while Hina got Rs 1.75 crores in total. As per Hina’s contract, she was paid 1.25 crores for 1st 10 weeks & Rs 50 lakhs for last 5 weeks. So, the total amount of money she got for 15 weeks was Rs 1.75 crores. As per Shilpa’s contract, she was paid Rs 6 lakh per week for the first 10 weeks and for the rest of the 5 weeks, she got Rs 5 lakh per week.That makes it Rs 85 lakh in all. Add to that Shilpa’s prize money, i.e, Rs 44 lakh. Her total take home comes to Rs 1.29 crore.


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