More Than 1 Million Votes For This Contestant In A Few Hours – Bigg Boss 11

The biggest reality show of India, Big Boss 11 was started with the punch line ” Padosi aa rahe hain bajaane baarah, only on Bigg Boss season 11″. However, Padosis failed miserably in the house. Now at the final stage of the show, nobody knows the decision of  Big Boss makers, but this Contestant has got more than a million votes.

In this way, no one can stop this contestant from going to the threshold of victory.  Sunday Night  i.e. on 14 January at  9 PM, Salman Khan will declare the name of the winner of Bigg Boss 11. At present, the house has four finalists, Shilpa, Vikas, Hina,  and Punish Sharma.

According to Da Khabri’s tweet, Shilpa Shinde has got more than 1 million votes in three and a half hours. If votes are to be seen, she has a strong chance to win. But it is too early to say anything about the final decision.


Hina-Khan Punish 

At the same time, Hina, Vikas and Punish are trailing behind Shilpa in the race for voting. Shilpa’s voting count is going on increasing moment by moment. It simply means that the viewers who watch the show want to have the crown on  Anguri Bhabhi’s head.

According to bookies also, Shilpa is the clear favourite to win the show with over 30% of all bets against her name, while Hina Khan is expected to get the second place.


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